Helping you lead an authentic & fulfilled life

I have worked within the LGBTQ+ community for many years, people come into therapy to learn about themselves, at all ages and stages of their lives. This is often difficult, but they are prepared to be open and honest about their sexual desires, who they are and what they want out of life.

You may have feelings of shame linked to your sexuality that go back to your childhood years. There may be issues around bullying and feelings of isolation at school. Parental rejection or lack of understanding may be an issue for you. Together we can explore how these memories affected you then and may still affect you today. I will help you understand how to feel better about who you are and who you want to love.

You may be influenced by those around you and go to great lengths to fit in with expectations of others without paying attention to your own needs.

I offer a supportive and safe place to explore your sexuality and make choices about what type of life you want to lead, to be fulfilled and live a more authentic life.

  • Confused about your sexuality
  • Attracted to people of the same gender and feel unsure
  • Feeling lonely because you feel different to other people
  • Don’t know how, or whether to come out to friends and family
Stephen Hanscomb Therapy